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The Book to Help You Lose Weight for Life!

Follow the Book's 8 Week Think Thin Program to learn
how to lose weight once and for all.

Are you tired of dieting? Maybe you have tried all the fad diets like the Atkins diet and the
South Beach diet losing weight only to quickly regain the weight plus more.

Have you spent time starving yourself only to binge and then feel guilty? These bad habits
are common and many times socially supported. Everyone understands that starving
yourself is bad for your why do so many people continue to do this?

I recently read that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting
different results. Stop the craziness of dieting now! Open your mind to learn an easy and
effective way to lose weight and keep it off. What have you go to lose? Oh yeah, WEIGHT!

Use the Think Thin Program on your own or in a group for added support. Gather a few
friends together and enjoy the journey together.
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The Book

The Think Thin to Live Thin book will walk you through easy to understand techniques to
create thin thinking and slim down for life. The book uses cognitive behavioral training for
successful weight loss for life. This simply means that this training will change your
thinking and beliefs as well as your health decisions and habits. This easy to follow book
gets right to the point teaching you these easy techniques that start working instantly.

You will learn
-Eat what you choose and lose weight
-Eat consciously
-Identify and change ineffective thinking
-Feel good about your body
-Increase the exercise you are already doing everyday

There is no fluff in this program. Because this training helps you change your thoughts,
beliefs and habits; you will drop the weight and leave it behind for life.
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