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Life is Mental Training works for more than weight has worked great for MMA Legacy
Welterweight Champion, Mike B!
The same Life is Mental techniques used for weight loss are very effective for most goals. Physical, athletic, all applies.

MMA fighter, Mike 'the Greek' Bronzoulis, won the Legacy Welterweight Championship Title on November 5,
2010. He credits the Life is Mental training as giving him an edge in the fight.

Kelly joined Mike's team as his Mental Trainer to prepare him for the championship fight. Mike is a big believer
in using his mind to practice experiencing the win. He used the techniques Kelly taught him everyday while
preparing for the big fight. Before going into the ring, he said that he 'could see the win and feel the
championship belt around his waist'. His mental practice paid off...Mike overpowered his opponent in the first
round to win the fight. Then the championship belt was wrapped around his waist...just like he practiced!
wearing the championship belt around YOUR waist. Picture yourself thanking your team and
supporters after the win.

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New Cognitive Techniques to Create more Effective Thinking for Goal

New Behavioral Skills that will Easily become new Daily Habits to Help you
Be the Winner You Want to Be
Just imagine...
Winning is Mental.
It is a Lifestyle of Belief.

Let Kelly teach you how to make these techniques an easy daily habit!
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Mike B gave himself the it's your turn!