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Kelly Stallings, PhD, LPC
Author, Trainer, Speaker

Kelly Stallings is a Licensed Professional Counselor
with a PhD in Natural Health. Since 1994, she has
been working with people in group settings to create
significant changes in their life including increased
overall physical health. Kelly's experience reaches
beyond working directly with clients. She has
extensive experience training medical professionals
on the appropriate uses of cognitive behavioral
techniques for client's healthy living. She is a
dynamic speaker who puts people at ease with her
warm, 'no fluff' personality. Kelly has been married to
her high school sweetheart for 21 years and they have
three great kids. Kelly and her family 'Think Thin and
Live Thin' in Texas.
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Event Speaker

Kelly is available to speak at your events. She is a dynamic speaker with a pertinent
topic of interest...
weight loss and weight management. Let Kelly entertain and teach
your group interesting cognitive behavioral techniques that can be easily incorporated
into real life settings immediately. Kelly also offers customized talks to fit your
groups's needs.

Talk Topics:

Weight Management

Common Sense Skills for Weight Loss and Weight Management
Cognitive behavioral training is the most important aspect of weight loss. Changing
your eating and exercise regimens are only part of the weight loss formula. Can you
say yo-yo dieting? Changing your thinking and attitude are necessary for life long

Peak Performance Skills for Weight Loss and Weight Management
Peak performance skills have been utilized by Olympic and top level athletes for
several decades to improve their already elite skill set. Kelly will teach your group
how to use these effective techniques to achieve weight loss goals and weight
management for life. This talk can include a fun experiential exercise if the setting

Managing Stress & Weight Loss
Stress can be a culprit for weight gain in many individuals. Kelly offers easy cognitive
behavioral skills to manage daily stressors and maintain your healthy figure.

The Missing Piece (Talk or CEU Training)
Cognitive behavioral training is a significant aspect of successful weight loss.
Modifying food and exercise regimens are only part of the weight loss formula.
Changing thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are necessary for lifelong change.
This is the missing piece...Life is Mental!
* Identify cognitive behavioral techniques for weight release
* Identify and modify self defeating thoughts and behaviors that impede weight release
* Assist clients in increasing daily self motivation

General Audience

Managing Stress Starts in your Mind!
Stress is a natural part of life. Managing this stress does not always come so
naturally. Kelly offers easy cognitive behavioral skills to manage daily stressors and
maintain a positive attitude.

Launch Your Image, Your Business, and Your Team!
Do people describe you as confident and self assured?
How do you define success in business?
Are you attracting dynamic people to your business?
Your image, your business and your sales team are all related to your personal
attitudes and beliefs. Kelly will teach you how to develop the ability to create a
positive successful self fulfilling prophecy for your life experience each day.

Train Your Brain for Ultimate Success-The Power of Belief
(Talk and LPC CEU Training)
Success can be programmed into your brain. Let Kelly teach you practical
techniques to reprogram your brain for success.
* Simple Strategies for Achieving Your Goals
* Identifying and Changing Ineffective Thinking
* Living Consciously

Positivity & Happiness: Anyone Can Have Them
Most people already understand that happiness is a choice. The question is: 'How do
you choose it?' Kelly teaches three easy techniques to program yourself for a
positivity mindset that will assist you in choosing happiness daily!

Women Helping Women
Women now represent more than half of the workforce both as employees and
business owners. The basic differences between women and men create an
interesting dynamic at work that affect the overall advancement and success for
women. Kelly will teach you to identify some basic cognitive behavioral differences
between the way women and men differ as well as strategies for effectively working
together. Kelly has specific strategies to share with women to effectively promote
themselves along their career path.

Here is what people are saying about Kelly as a speaker:

"Kelly Stallings spoke to my members at Curves during a member appreciation
event. The members really enjoyed and got involved with Kelly's presentation. Kelly's
interactive presentation allowed my members to really understand the importance of
cognitive thinking and I could really see some "light-bulb" moments happening for
many of them. One of my members shared with me a week later that she was feeling
more focused and motivated after using her CD just a handful of times."

Kelly Stallings is a dynamic speaker who spoke to our group on the topic, "Managing
Stress for a Healthy Mind." She held the group's attention for the duration of her talk
and engaged our members with funny anecdotes and helpful information. Her
professional and confident approach was perfect for our group of business women.
The members could easily apply her stress-relieving tips into their daily business and
personal lives. The speaker feedback from the group was high with several positive
comments like, "Great speaker!", "Fabulous", and "Would like to hear her speak
again and expand on the topic of stress." I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone
looking to book a competent, interesting speaker!

Kelly spoke to our Montgomery County Association of Business Women on July 28,
2009 on the topic of "Common Sense Skills for Weight Loss and Weight
Managem*ent." She is a dynamic speaker who offered relevant, organized
information. She included many mental techniques that our members could easily
apply to their daily lives. She held the group's attention through her enthusiasm and
anecdotes. I highly recommend Kelly as a speaker on the unique topic of cognitive
behavioral techniques for weight management.

'Thank you for a humorous and well thought out speech at the Houston Area Council.
I love it when we can admit that we laugh at ourselves as well as the putting life into
perspective. Thanks again, you're an inspirational speaker!'

Kelly was a guest on my show and share some great insights with my listeners. I
also was able to experience a one on one coaching session with Kelly which was
insightful, strategic and helped me to identify behavior and develop a plan that could
increase my overall healthy and well-being. The session was fun and empowering.

From observing Kelly as a motivator for women I knew she'd be an excellent fit for the
FEMALEPOWER Conference. She's honest, hard working, and a true inspiration for
any woman wanting to take claim of her personal power to win in business and in life.
I feel privileged to know her and look forward to a growing relationship.

Kelly participated in a UMR team building event for health coaches by sharing training
on health provider self care. Her training was engaging, informative and kept the team
thinking about the importance of self care for the remainder of the event. Kelly shared
practical techniques that could be immediately implemented for self care. Her training
was beneficial to my team, and the feedback from the team was "a great speaker",
"she got me thinking" and "wow...very empowering techniques". I highly recommend
her as a trainer.

Kelly was our Featured Speaker at our 8th Annual Red Hat Literacy Luncheon in
March, 2011. She talked about thinking positive every day and, for many of our adult
learners at the luncheon, this was an inspiration for them. We have heard from these
learners who have said they are saying something positive to themselves each
morning which makes their day so much better. She had everyone (over 400
individuals) in the room focused on her and her positive thinking. I was pleasantly
surprised that even our Celebrity Waiters (all men) were listening intently to Kelly's
suggestions. I highly recommend Kelly as a speaker. She is very entertaining and
has some great suggestions for living positively.

Kelly spoke at the 4th Annual Women's Empowerment Conference. She was
absolutely amazing. She was funny and presented her information in a way that
others could understand it. By far, she received the most positive comments out of all
of the speakers at the conference. She is great to work with and a offers a hand to
help in any way that she can. I strongly recommend working with Kelly. She will
exceed your expectations!

Meeting planners, invite Kelly to speak to your group!

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