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Need a little personal help implementing the
training from the weight loss book?
Let Kelly coach you to success.

The Think Thin 8 Week Coaching Program promises to change your
life and your body.
For only $19.95, the Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin book gives you all the
information that you need to start dropping pounds, however, some people need a little
help to make sure they are really incorporating these changes into daily life. A Think Thin
Coach can help assure your life long success.

Everyone knows that coaching is an effective way to ensure that you reach your goals. The
eight week Think Thin Coaching Program ensures your success with this program.
Coaching is beneficial when making any type of lifestyle change. Think Thin Coaches are
available to coach you successfully to your weight loss goals and help you develop
assurance in maintaining your goal weight.

Benefits of Coaching:
* Gain clarity with your goals
* Get past personal blind spots
* Ensures that Think Thin techniques are understood and implemented correctly
* Personalize Think Thin techniques effectively for your life
* Quickly identify personal limitations and roadblocks to success to overcome for long term
* Overcome procrastination
* Offer positive reinforcement and support during implementation of Think Thin skills
* Reduce feelings of isolation with this issue
* Keep you motivated toward your goal in easy times and challenging times
* Create accountability for your weight loss goals
* Improve self esteem and self confidence

Now you can be personally coached to success by a Think Thin Coach. Coaching
sessions are held via teleconference. No meetings to attend. No travel time or expense to
sessions. Benefit from coaching in the comfort of your home or office. Tele-Coaching
sessions are scheduled weekly. The Think Thin Coach will support your progress and
coach you to your Thin Self. Your coach will keep you pumped and excited about creating
your new Thin Lifestyle. You will feel Energetic and Happier than you have felt in quite
some time. Eight weeks will fly by as you lose weight. You will definitely want to take
'Before Pictures' to boast about your success.

Group Discounts--Group coaching is perfect for groups of co-workers, church groups and
friends. Group coaching offers an ongoing support system between coaching sessions.
Group coaching uses bridge line access to teleconference as a group. Lose weight with
friends by registering as a group and benefit from significant savings with the group

If you prefer 'in person' coaching, send an email inquiry and we will connect you with a
Think Thin Coach in your area!

Here is what people are saying about Kelly's coaching:

I highly recommend Kelly as a speaker. Kelly's comfortable speaking style kept my
Isagenix team engaged and interested. She gave us a general Life is Mental training over
the course of 8 weeks teaching us her mental techniques for weight loss and
management. Kelly used many stories and examples to help people really apply these new
techniques easily into daily life. She added medical literature, which she explained in plain
English, to support the use of her techniques. Kelly's mental weight loss training is totally
compatible with the health coaching I do in my business and offers me new options for
business development. Her book offers a structure that I can easily help my clients follow
for increased weight loss success.

Complimentary Coaching Session!
Send an email inquiry for a complimentary coaching session to see if coaching is right for
you. This session is
risk free with no strings attached. You will have the opportunity to
speak directly with a Think Thin Coach to evaulate the benefit of coaching for weight loss.
The only thing you have to lose is weight!

Email us to schedule a
complimentary coaching
session with a
Think Thin Coach.
Bobbi Mattson, Executive
Isagenix International