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Do You Want to Lose Weight for Life?
The Life is Mental 8 Week Program promises to change your life and
your body. Weight loss is easy if you want it to be.

Think Thin to Live Thin Book

For only $19.95, the Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin book gives you all the
information that you need to start dropping pounds.
The Think Thin to Live Thin book
will walk you through easy to understand techniques to create thin thinking and slim
down for life. This easy to follow book gets right to the point teaching you these easy
techniques that start working instantly.

You will learn…
-Eat what you choose and lose weight
-Eat consciously
-Identify and change ineffective thinking
-Feel good about your body
-Increase the exercise you are already doing everyday

There is no fluff in this program. You will drop the weight and leave it behind for life.
Quit obsessing about your excess weight whether it is 10 pounds or 110 pounds. Buy
Kelly's book now and learn to Think Thin!

Soft Cover, 153 pgs

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Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin
Coaching CD Set

Need a little support and motivation while you follow the Life is Mental training?
Let Kelly coach you through the Life is Mental training with this coaching audio
set. This set includes 10 coaching audios that follow the book. Use these
coaching audios for your initial weight loss training and for ongoing weight loss
maintenance. This bargain set can be used over and over to reinforce your
training and maintain your slim figure.
Turn your car into your personal
coaching time with Kelly!

10 Coaching Audios included in CD Set
--Audio 1 Introduction and Motivation for training
--Audio 2 through 8 Weekly Life is Mental Training
--Audio 10 Maintanance for Life

5 CD Set
Only $15 per Coaching Audio!
Contact Us to purchase this set.

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Think Thin Guided Visualization CD

You will want to be sure to add this to your purchase of the book. This CD is the
perfect companion to the Life is Mental: Think Thin to Live Thin book! Let Kelly
personally guide you through the visualization exercises taught in her book on this
amazing CD. Kelly will help you create a vivid visualization during the long playing
track. As your skills develop, use the short playing track to practice your visualization
daily. As a bonus, Kelly has included an easy self esteem boost on this CD!
Do Not
listen to this CD while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Think Thin Goals Journal

Everyone understands the importance of setting clear goals for acheivement. Kelly
created this goals journal complete with instructions for effective use to make your Think
Thin training more effective. Each journal comes with a Free Think Thin highighter
referenced in the journal's instructions for use as a tool for motivating yourself through the
plateaus and rough spots of weight loss. This s a technique for acheivement that you will
continue beyond the scope of the Think Thin program once you get started.

Paperback Spiral Bound